Click1003   Pro   Setup

Setting up your Click1003 Pro Software and making needed periodic changes to your settings is fast and easy inside your Dashboard. Here you can set your online link, change your logo, set your time zone, your screen timeout and even your background colors to your application. This video takes you through the Click1003 Pro setup form. (6:04 minutes)
  Dashboard   Web   Applications

In the Click1003 Pro Dashboard you have two choices to submit loan applications. One is your online application that the borrower sees, which is viewable inside the Dashboard, and the other is a stripped-down version for those who don't need the help files. (9.41 minutes)
  Pipeline   Window

When you open your Pipeline Window, your newest loan submissions will show up at the top of the page, See how this powerful tool makes it easy to access and update your loan files. (5:57 minutes)
  Moving   &   Restoring   Loan   Files

It's easy to move files between folders and restore them back again in the Click1003 Pro Pipeline Window. This short video will`show you how it's done. (4:07 minutes)
  Importing   Fannie   Mae   Loans

Click1003 Pro not only exports Fannie Mae loan files to your loan origination system, it also imports loans into Click1003 Pro from your LOS or other folder on your computer or thumb drive. (4:18 minutes)
  Export   Loan   Files   From   Click1003   Pro

Exporting or emailing your loan files has never been easier. This video will show you step-by-step instructions on where to click next to get the job done quickly in the Click1003 Pro Dashboard (3:49 minutes)
  Adding   A   Loan   Originator

Adding a loan originator to your Click1003 Pro software will allow them to receive loan applications from their borrowers Online. Adding them puts their name on the loan officer drop-down field on the online application form. Watch this video to see how easy it is to do. (6:03 miniutes)
  Changing Your Password

A few simple steps and you can easily change your password inside the Click1003 Pro Dashboard. Your password is highly encrypted and not available to anyone, including us. If you lose your password, simply create a new one. (1:43 minutes)
  Change   Online   Application   Theme

This video will show you how to change your online application theme to better match your website colors. (2:54 minutes)
  Click1003   Pro   Analytics

Setting goals and achieving them is much easier when you can keep a constant eye on how you're doing with automatic analytical tools that keep track for you. The Click1003 Pro built-in analytics saves you tons of time and effort by compiling all of the data you need to succeed for you. This video shows you how easy it is to use these tools so you can be free to do what you do best. (7:36 minutes)
  Click1003   Pro   Calculators

The Click1003 Pro Dashboard comes with 11 amazing calculators for your mortgage business. You can even print the results for your borrowers to help them understand their options tased on their decisions before they commit to a loan amount or an interest rate. This video demonstrates the power of some of these calculators. (9:03 minutes)
  Print   1003   in   PDF   or   HTML

Click1003 Pro has its own onboard PDF engine which enables you to print the mortgage application as well as other submitted documents in a PDF format making it easily transferrable. You can also print an application in HTML if you wish. This video will show you how to do both from the Click1003 Dashboard. (4:06 minutes)
  Loan   Detail   Summary

A quick way to see most of the information on a loan file without having to go through the entire loan application is to simply pull up the Loan Detail Summary window. Here you will find easy access to the numbers, loan terms, interest rate, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, and details of the transaction all in one place. Watch the video to check it our for yourself. (2:16 minutes)
  Click1003   Pro   Event   Calendar

Click1003 Pro's Event Calendar makes it super easy to keep track of important events throughout the year. What makes it unique is that the calendar also has an event reminder that will automatically send you an email at midnight of the day the event arrives, so you don't miss any important activities or deadlines. Simply put your events in the Calendar at any future date and set the reminder for that event. So easy! (4:53 minutes)
  Update   Online   Applications

Updating your online mortgage application from the Dashboard in Click1003 Pro is easy. Simply follow the directions in this short video to learn how to do it. (3:57 minutes)
  Duplicate   A   Loan   Application

If you ever have the opportunity to refinance a previous borrower, let Click1003 Pro make it super easy for you. Simply locate the old loan file inside Click1003 Pro and duplicate the file. Click1003 Pro will leave the old file where it was and put the new file in the new folder in the Pipeline window with a new loan ID, and all within a few clicks! (2:50 minutes)
  Contact   Manager   Part   1

Get an overview of the Click1003 Pro Contact Manager inside the Dashboard. This video will walk you through some of the basics and show you how it can be a powerful tool for you business. All borrowers and loan originators are automatically added to the Contact Manager by default. This is just one of many time-saving steps included in the Click1003 Pro Contact Manager. (6:42 minutes)
  Contact   Manager   Part   2

In the second Contact Manager video, we explore how to create notes and reminders that will show up on the Click1003 Pro Calendar inside the Dashboard. You can also have these reminders sent to a mobile device or an email address. We also show you how to bring up and print address lists, email lists, phone lists and even how to print 5160 Mailing labels. Watch this video to see how versatile the Contact manager is. (7.46 minutes)
  Contact   Manager   Part   3

This Contact Manager video shows you how you can create HTML brochures or flyers and send them as bulk emails to prospects or update current and past clients all inside the Click1003 Pro File Manage Dashboard. Upload images, create emails with your logo and design newsletters with rich text to send to your selected lists from inside your Click1003 Pro Contact Manager. (10:42 minutes)
  Document   Manager   Part   1

Part one of the Document Manager videos walks you through the Document Manager navigation, locating and uploading supporting documents for the loan, viewing and printing the documents as a pdf and bundling documents together as one PDF file.
  Document   Manager   Part   2

Now that we've learned our way around the Document Manager in the Click1003 Pro Dashboard, lets take the documents that we've gathered and imported into the Document Manager and learn how to assign them and approve them for our borrower.