Click1003   Pro   Software

Desktop, tablet & mobile Compatable  



Click1003   Pro   Dashboard


An intuitive and easy-to-use interface for effortless loan administration functionality, the Click1003 Pro Dashboard has all of the tools for today's fast-paced loan originator.

Click1003 Pro can handle a demanding pipeline keeping up-to-date information on all aspects of the loan application process.

Borrowers can login via their mobile devices to check loan requirements and upload loan documents for approval as needed.

Click1003 Pro is totally web-based and mobile friendly. It boasts 128 bit SSL encryption, so there is nothing to download on your computer, making it accessible from anywhere and very secure.



Intuitive   Navigation


This Dashboard image of the Pipeline Window shows the importance of intuitive navigation through symbols and advanced use of color coding. Using symbols lowers the learning curve and makes completing tasks quick and easy without a lot of reading.

Click1003 Pro uses this process throughout the software for ease of use and reducing time-consuming mistakes.



Onboard   Click1003   Pro   PDF


Click1003 Pro has its own onboard PDF engine eliminating the expense and often cumbersome task of saving files as a PDF through third-party PDF software.

In fact, you can turn any loan document into a PDF document right inside Click1003 Pro by simply importing the desired file into the file manager.

There's more! You can also bundle loan docs together into one PDF document all inside the Click1003 Program making the printing and transferring of documents an easy task.


Borrower   Profile


The Borrower Profile page contains a loan summary, lock date field and link icons to manage your borrower's account and print, duplicate, update and export their loan application. Click1003 Pro will also import loan files in the .FNM format.

On this screen you can also email your borrowers or send a private text message to their cell phone. You can also update their profile in the Contact Manager. All phone numbers are also Click-to-call enabled if you have Skype, Talkdesk or other CTC software enabled.


Click1003   Pro   Online   Application


The Click1003 Pro Mortgage Application has many advantages over conventional online mortgae applications. There are over 90 help files in English and Spanish to eliminate the guesswork many borrowers face.

Color-coded navigation buttons located at the bottom of the form make it easy to navigate to any section of the application instantly.

No need for Calculators as all total fields on the form are automatically calculated.

Input fields for the borrower's mobile device and their carrier are provided so they can receive all automatic update notifications, be able to text directly to their loan originator and have access to upload documents from their mobile device.