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Please check out the Click1003 Pro FAQ page by clicking on the topics below to get more information on the subjects you are interested in.

1 Why Click1003 Pro?
2 Who can benefit from using Click1003 Pro?
3 What will Click1003 Pro do for loan originators?
4 What will Click1003 Pro do for mortgage brokers, bankers and processors?
5 How does the Click1003 Online Application work?
6 What makes Click1003 Pro different than other loan origination software?
7 If I order, how long does it take to get set up?
8 If I subscribe to the Click1003 Pro services, do I own the software program?
9 Can I put this program on my own server for my company to use?
10 Can you customize the Online Application for me?
11 Do I have to pay a seat license for each of my loan officers to use the software?
12 Can I get a Loan Officer version of the Click1003 Pro software?
13 Do I have to buy the Online Application and the File Manager Dashboard separately?
14 If this is a brand new upgrade, why is the price still the same?
15 Will I see ads from companies wanting me to buy something every time I use it?
16 What is the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard for?
17 How do I get the File Manager Dashboard? Do I download it to my computer?
18 Is the File Manager Dashboard difficult to use?
19 What can I do with the Dashboard?
20 When I make changes to my loan files, are they updated right then?
21 Are there additional charges for storage of my Online loan files?
22 How do I communicate my loan file changes so my processor can see it?
23 Does the Dashboard take the place of my loan origination software?
24 Are you planning further upgrades to the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard?


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